Why would you want to spend time picking Hard Crabs?

Picking fresh steamed hard crabs is the secret to preparing the best tasting crab appetizers and entrees.

Everyone has had their fill of the delicious steamed crabs from Cravin’ Crabs, and still there are Hard Crabs on the table!  What do you do?

Well you could find someone who could always put away a few more crabs; or you could just refrigerate them and enjoy them cold the next day. But really, wouldn’t they be best used to create a special appetizer or entree?

Did you ever wonder why Uncle Don’s crab soup or Aunt Dolores’ crab cakes tasted extra special; or why your neighbor’s mushrooms stuffed with crab meat were so good at a “bring a covered dish” event?

The secret:  they picked the crab meat from their leftover steamed crabs.  That’s right.  Using canned crab meat in soups, cakes, appetizers, etc. is okay (for amateurs).  The culinary elite, i.e. true Baltimorean crab aficionados make their crab dishes from fresh crab meat picked with their own hands, and hands of their willing family and friends.

The big secret:  how do you get others, to help pick crabs; after all, it’s a lot of work?  Step 1: you purchase more steamed crabs than your group will be expected to eat.  Step 2:  when everyone has had their fill, start picking the crabs and saving the meat; invite the others in the group to help you.  Step 3:  remind those present that only those participating in the picking will be invited to enjoy the resulting dishes!  Step 4:  “tough love”, i.e. you have to enforce the rule “no pick, no eat!”  As Larry Thomas, a.k.a. “The Soup Nazi” from the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, or Uncle Don would say, “NO soup for you!”

Here are some of the delicious appetizers and entrees you can make from leftover steamed crabs:

*        Crab Cakes
*         Crab Soup
*         Mushrooms stuffed with Crab Meat
*         Flounder stuffed with Crab Meat
*         Crab Imperial
*         Crab Po-Boys
*         Crab and Spinach Salad
*         Crab Dip

P.S.  Consider purchasing an extra dozen or so of steamed crabs from Cravin’ Crabs Carryout Crab House so you have plenty of leftover hard crabs for the picking!

(If you do not have the time to pick the crabs, Cravin’ Crabs offers the next best thing, i.e. packaged Crab Meat fresh from the Eastern Shore.)

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