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Why Pick Crabs?


Picing crabs to obtain the meat takes time but it is worth the effort.  Learn what to do with the meat, and how to encourage others to help do the picking.

Story behind the name.

Why was Cravin' Crabs chosen as the name of the Carryout Crab House?  It has to do with a "code" among Friends and Family; and their desire to obtain the freshest crabs in the Baltimore area.

Should you purchase steamed or live crabs?


What is involved in steaming crabs yourself?  How many live crabs should you purchase to make the effort worthwhile?  What precautions do you need to take when steaming crabs?


Soft Crabs, a Maryland delicacy if harvested correctly.


Eating a Soft Crab that has not been harvested and "dressed" properly can be a very disappointing experience.  This will not occur when you purchase your Soft Crabs from Cravin' Crabs.  Why?  Read the detail page and you will be Craving for Soft Crabs from the best Carryout Crab House in the Baltimore area.

Why does Cravin' Crabs have the BEST Steamed Crabs?


Let us explain why we can provide the best Steamed Crabs in the Baltimore area.  Read the linked page for the details, but we will give you one reason, we get the best Live Crabs as a starting point.