Are you craving for the Best Steamed Crabs in Baltimore?

Well of course you are!  Why else would you be viewing a web site of a Carryout Crab House.  But you’re thinking “What makes Cravin’ Crabs the place to get the BEST steamed crabs?”  Fair question.  Let us make our case, please read what we have to say, try our hard crabs, then you decide if we deserve to claim we provide the BEST steamed crabs in Baltimore.

Consider the source:

We are blessed with having one of the best habitats for delicious Blue Crabs in the world.  The Chesapeake Bay’s clean, salty waters combine with the many fresh water streams and rivers in our area to naturally produce the exact conditions for Blue Crabs to thrive.  Cravin’ Crabs harvests its crabs from the best locations in the local area; providing the freshest, sweetest tasting crabs possible.


The owner/operators of Cravin’ Crabs Carryout Crab House are Paul and Barry Koluch; both licensed Maryland crabbers who live on the Bay.  They strictly follow all rules and regulations for crabbing on the water, and for operation of the store.


Crabbing has been a way of life for the Koluch family for many years.  For years they have supplied crabs to some of the most well known Carryout Crab Houses in the Baltimore area.  While supplying these other establishments, Paul and Barry have observed how they run their operations, and how to improve and update the process.


The new store has the most up-to-date and modern equipment available.  From the triplex multiple high pressure boilers to the high capacity stainless steel steamers, no expense was spared to acquire and install the most state-of-the-art equipment to commercially steam crabs.  Utensils and containers for live crabs are kept completely separate from those used for the steamed crabs.  This prevents cross contamination that can contribute to the growth of bacteria.  Cravin’
Crabs operates the cleanest and safest crab steaming facility in the Baltimore area.


Each crab house has their own “secret” recipe for the seasoning used on their hard crabs.  So do we.  However, it is secret so we cannot tell you what we use, only that we like Old Bay spice!


Let’s not forget what the best crabs are all about.  The bottom line is that the best tasting hard crabs are the BEST crabs!  All of the above items contribute to producing the best tasting crabs.  However, you just have to try the steamed crabs from Cravin’ Crabs, and be the judge.  Once you try our crabs, we think you will agree that we provide the BEST CRABS in the Baltimore area!


By the way, the Maryland Life magazine’s +300,000 readers did vote Cravin’ Crabs the BEST place for crabs in the Baltimore area.